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When playing the vs user you’re forced to play with people with higher team strength and better players, which is unfair for people with lower team strength.

Can’t play on iPhone X 😥

Can’t play on iPhone X 😪

servers are not that good

online challenge servers are awful.high ping makes game hard.


A lot of bugs...

Good but needs huge improvements

Great game but it can not be enjoyed much. When you go up in difficulty, your players make mistakes that should not happen. My keeper, keylor navas, will always touch the ball in free kicks but it will still go in. A ball so easy to catch, he decides to use his fists giving it to the other team and scoring. My defense will also just watch the ball go past them in a ball so easy to intercept. It gets on my nerves how bad they play. Also my fastest player can’t outrun really slow players because it’s in a higher difficulty! Speed does not matter in this game because the other team will always catch up but when they have the ball they easily outrun your whole team. Another thing is getting players. Ive gotten 4 repeated black ball players and it makes me throw my phone across the room. It is extremely difficult to get those players but when I finally get one they are repeated. Please fix all of this. AND WHY DOES MY GOALKEEPER HIT THE BALL IN EVERYTIME THE OTHER TEAM GETS A FREEKICK?!?!DOESNT EVEN MATTER FROM WHERE THEY SHOOT FROM PLACES WITH A TIGHT ANGLE BUT MY KEEPER CAN SAVE THEM, MY 86 OVR KEEPER! AND WHEN I TRY THE SAME THING WITH MY BEST FREE KICK TAKER, THEIR GOALIE WALKS TO THE BALL AND SAVES IT NO PROBLEM. It’s unbelievable this game needs so many improvements. PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD STOP GIVING ME PLAYERS I ALREADY HAVE, 15 BLACK BALL PLAYERS IVE PACKED AND HAVE BEEN EXTREMELY HARD TO GET BUT 6 OF THEM HAVE BEEN REPEATED PLAYERS! That is just such a waste of money and can get on my last nerve because out of all the great players I want I get the lowest overall who I’ve already packed before?!

Actually ruining me

I have never seen such a scripted game in my life. I’ll play the regular online seasons mode where you just play and get higher in the ranks and I will win nearly 95% of my matches because I understand this game. Then I hop on the Online Events where you can get rewards for progress, and I will lose to the most lucky through balls or my players all forget how to cross or something that definitely wouldn’t happen in the regular seasons mode. I spent an hour or less testing this theory by hopping back and forth between the events and regular seasons and it couldn’t be more obvious that I’m getting scripted harder than Michael Bay trying to write 2 movies at once. Please stop this

Horrible aids

The offside rule on this game is absolute bull crap. And the commentary is so annoying. This was one of the worst games I have ever played in my life and I would not play it if i was not sick of FIFA mobile.


Why you guys add vs users there is no one one I waiting and there is still now users one please remove it now and I hate this game add fifa back Pes is trash

Fifa wannabe

This is the most bootleg fifa game I have ever played. The passes aren’t right the players go the wrong way. The gameplay is just awful. This game has potential though.


811106820 this my owner ID lets play together =))

Goal celebration issues...

I’m still loving this game but and my only issue right now is how a team will go to the touch line to celebrate after scoring when let’s say, they are down by 5 goals to 1..they are supposed to pick the ball from the opponent’s goal post and head straight for the Centre..I hope KONAMI will add this animation in future updates so as to give more realism to the game .. thanks KONAMI for doing a good job..

Please work on it

It needs a lot of updates when you play it takes long to pass or shoot but I love it

Take my coins

Opened 20 packs and no black. Ea can do better, at least ea gives me a rare card... dead game.


why can’t we have extra times leading to penalty? why can’t we have the actual team and the players to go on exhibition? i actually need a response from the team tho!!

Can’t play


match error

when I go to play online matches it disconnects and says you lose! fix this issue its headache.

It’s so annoying don’t get it

Don’t get it. Just don’t. It’s almost impossible to win I hate it!

This game is badest

This game is badest

Bring legend players

My team is have all best player I don’t know who I want but I want to get legend but there not hear yet please bring back legend players



Do not download!!

Shittiest game I’ve ever played. This game gives me depression.


I am not receiving my rewards from icc tour mainly the trainers after matches


I hate it!!


For and update I suggest Different and Better Spanish Commentary better Audience better graphics on players, but everything else is good love this game😍


WORST SPORTS GAME I’VE EVER PLAYED. I’m a huge football/soccer fan, and I usually have FIFA on my phone, so I decided to give this game a try, and how I wish I wouldn’t have wasted any time or money. The game has TOO MANY IN-GAME PURCHASES required to have any fun at all. Not only is that a problem, but the joystick and player-control movement is horrible, taking up to a few seconds to actually get a player to do something you were pressing your phone-screen for hours ago. This game is another reason why FIFA IS THE ONLY FOOTBALL GAME FOR THOSE THAT LOVE FOOTBALL GAMES.

Awesone just two problems

I lobe this game its great , i like the graphics , controls , the game play , just one problem , it really annoys me that sone of the clubs logos arent the original one , for example (real madrid , juventus , manchester united & manchester city “etc.”) , and not all of the leagues , clubs around te world are on the game , for example (mls league , mx league “etc.”). So if yall could fix those problems then I would give this game a 5 star rating & Ilove this game so much more.


I’ve Been Playing This Game Since It Came Out Back In 2017, Never Had Any Complains Really But I’ve Been Having A Lot Of Issues Lately, I Just Can’t Open The App. It Just Crashes Every Time And I Also Checked Every Way Like Reinstalling, Restarting My Phone, I’m Using An iPhone X By The Way. Please Fix It Fast, I Can’t Resist Without Playing This Incredible Game!

Not working

This game is not working for me for some reason. It says they are fixing the game but it already took so much

League Tournaments

Used to play FIFA, and it has this kind of tournament which so fantastic. One more issue is cannot play with friend who is using different platform (iOS & Android), don’t know why it does not support that kind of online play while other games have no trouble with that.

Can’t enter the game

When I try to enter the game, it keeps showing me that game is approved in my country and that’s it. Constant loop.

Improved Online Match

When I play matches online Sometimes it goes slow playing and I hate when I press the shoot or pass buttons and it doesn’t happen I want to rate it a 5 if you improve this and keep udapting the game

Not Good In Online Match!

the game is good, but idk why, but the online playing is really laggy and full of bugs... so many diaconnections, game crashes and lags and delays... I can't really play it online, specially after scoring a goal there is an increased chance of diaconnecting or crashing!

I Need Cratiano Ronaldo Konami

I love this game very much. Its has big problem very rare to get black ball Ineed black ball konami from agents and box draw. Ineed crstiano ronaldo. Please KONAMI!!Please i need Ronaldo Please KONAMI Stingy company

My life i love this game !

Thank you so much Konami for making this game ! I love PES2018!

Getting the same players over and over

Look I’ve been play pes since it came out and whatsoever y’all made and big update and from that updates he game start acting like giving me d same B.B player over again I’m Jus wasting my coins when that happen and I really want this issue to be fixed because it’s mad annoying I can’t make a good team bcz of it I keep on getting the same players but I can’t use them.🤦🏽‍♂️

I’m from Iraq

Pls check my game


They still my money some one deleted my game and now they not giveme my coins back

This Game new FIFA 13 very best wonderful graphics



Best App Game Ever I play



Match Ending issue.

There is a problem at icc online event match. Every time match starts and instantly it ends as says you lost your connection while I am actually connected. It happened over wifi and also LTE. Please quickly fix it.

Need more to improve

It’s a nice game I like playing it,But still got few things improve to get it better level as FIFA.At times while playing the game it keeps bugging you can’t pass the ball to the other player and that’s very annoying , you have to press pause or press home button and come back to the game for you to get control of the game.And the control left keys (that controls the player stop too at times..If you get to improve these little things the game will get better...

The game is bad

The is bad it so bad the Control is off and do not get the game it Waste of time hat this game

Unable to connect

I am trying to play the special event vs user from 1 day whenever I click on to match it always says unable to connect with opponent why??

Internet issues

Hi overall everything os good in between match oniline challange game is stopping waiting for opponent keep on saying this lagging behind the control like 4. 5 sec delay i dnt know i have good very good internet bcz of this i keep loosing it nd i stopped playing it amd it keeps on giving same opponent team its totally bad

The best

The best⚽️⚽️⚽️🎮🎮


It should let you play against androids like iOS v android team that’s what’s really annoying do that and the game would be way better

Very Good game but a suggestion.

Please add an Arab commentary such as Raouf Khleif or Issam Al Shawali. Make the game more interesting than just campaign games.

Fix online user gaming

The user online gaming need to be fixed it has too many issues no matter how close you are to via WiFi. The game plays very slow and pauses in and out of the match and then it has times when it plays good it’s an awesome game but I’m forced to pay only campaign because online gaming is poor

Bad controls

Worst controls ever...sometimes they don’t even work when I press them cause goals to be scored on me.

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